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What goes on at Bargeddie Church of Scotland?


We meet at 11:00 for just over an hour.  There are usually about 60 people at the service singing and praising God together - you’d be very welcome to join us.

There is a Sunday School for Primary aged children - called SonSeekers.  A creche is usually run for babies and toddlers.  After the service on the first Sunday of the month we have the opportunity for a cup of coffee or tea and most folks do stay and enjoy a chat with each other.

Communion is celebrated 3 times a year on the last Sundays in January, April and October, with occasional celebrations at other times (Easter and Christmas).  If you love Jesus then you are welcome to these services as well.

There is a rota of people to greet people as they attend worship and you should get a warm welcome from whoever is handing out the hymn books.  An offering is taken during the service for the ongoing work of the church in Bargeddie and further afield.

We have suspended the evening service for the time being due to a drop in numbers and no minister but we will re-instate it if there is a desire from people to hold it again.  It has been at 6.30 p.m. and although not as well attended as the morning service, it does provide another opportunity to learn more about God and His word. 

On the FIRST Sunday of the month we hold our 11:00am service in the Safety Zone.  We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get to these services so that they will be able to discover what they missing and so start to come to the regular services held in the church.  These services are followed with a sandwich lunch which allows folks to stay and chat for a little longer.


During the summer months and the long evenings a group of members gather at the church in order to look after the grounds, cut the grass and hedges and make sure the property always looks its best - which it does - thanks to this dedicated group.  But they can always use more volunteers.


The Bible Study and Prayer meeting takes place at 7.30 p.m. to about 9.00 p.m.  A

short  time of worship is followed by (usually) the minister speaking for about 20 minutes on a bible passage. Occasionally a guest, a missionary or one of our members will lead this part of the PM. The prayer meeting is split into 3 sections - praying for local needs, praying for international and missionary concerns, and then praying for ministries throughout Scotland.  Up-to-date news is shared from local, global and Scotland and there is a big board in the Hall with loads of names of people and places to remind members to be faithful in praying for these situations.  Occasionally we will have visitors from Mission Organisations and OMF, UFM and Tearfund are regularly prayed for at this meeting.

Recently we’ve been reading the whole of the New Testament using the Community Bible Experience as our guide.  We plan to read the whole NT in 8 weeks.


We’d love to have more congregational social events such as ceildhs, or hillwalking or film evenings or ... we just need some one to get us all organised.  So if you are keen to help just let us know and we’ll really appreciate what you can do...


G69 6UB and this if put into your sat-nav should get you to our church on time!

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Scottish Registered Charity Number SC004209